Educate. Empower. Edify.

Project SHAKTII is an after school program to empower girl students from underprivileged backgrounds. We at Shaktii believe in a hands-on learning experience that focuses on delivering a wholesome education to these bright young girls.
SHAKTII was conceived in the year 2015 to create a model for meaningful engagement of students in arena of learning and self-development. SHAKTII is presently making its impact in New City International school and Satish Haware Junior college, Kharghar. We are moving to a new location for academic year 2019-20.

We are proud and happy to announce that Shaktii has completed 4 years!

Why Shaktii?

India has an impressive enrolment rate in primary school but the rate drastically reduces especially for girls as they proceed into secondary school.

It is estimated that for every 100 girls that enroll in school in rural India, forty reach grade four, seven reach grade 8, nine reach grade 9, and only one reaches grade 12(source: Therefore, only 35% of girls reach the upper secondary level of education in India.

These stark statistics show that girls need support to complete their school education.

Our Vision

We at Shaktii, will educate, empower and edify girls from the underprivileged sections of the society of India through a quality holistic after-school programme.

Mission Statements


Educate holistically through academic support and enrich their social skills, soft skills, life skills and sports.


Empower girl students from underprivileged society by:
Providing vocational training for those who cannot pursue their studies beyond Std X or XII,
Providing financial support to bright girl students to pursue higher education.


Edify by motivating and guiding girl students to pursue their dreams, and providing a safe and healthy environment for them.

Objectives of Shaktii



Create academic programme and implement using innovative teaching techniques, inviting experts, and field visits throughout the academic year.



Provide mentoring for non-academic programmes to develop social skills, soft skills, leadership skills and life skills throughout the academic year.


Vocational Training

Identify girls who are unable to pursue studies beyond Std X or XII and provide and vocational training.


Financial Support

Identify bright girl students and provide financial support to enable them to pursue higher education.


Complete Safety

Ensure emotional and physical safety of each Shaktii student in the classroom and on field trips.


Learning Environment

Provide a healthy learning environment.


Role Models

Mentors to become role models to establish values like integrity, teamwork, punctuality and commitment.

Meet the Founder

The Force Behind Shaktii

Shaktii was conceived by Ms. Vimala Nandakumar in 2015 as a direct outcome of her imperative to create a model for meaningful engagement of students in learning and self-development, as well as her years of work as a Principal and Teacher in India and abroad.

Ms. Nandakumar is inspired by the life of her mother and the lack of opportunities her mother faced due to social realities, despite all the intellectual potential she possessed.

Ms. Nandakumar feels a particular urgency in ensuring that girl students have access to quality education and the opportunity for development and realisation of their potential.

Our Beginning

Where It All Started

Ujjwala Rohankar Haware is the Trustee of the school. Shaktii team is eternally grateful to her for her support

SHAKTII's first class was held on 1st July 2015 at the New City International School and Satish Haware Junior College in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Classes are held by a roster of volunteer teachers and some guest teachers from 12pm - 3pm, five days a week.

Classes cover a range of extra-curricular as well as curriculum-based subject matter, experiential learning skills, activity based learning along with occasional field trips.

Making them smarter


Orientation Week (20th June 2018) to set the tone and to begin the successful 4th year:
- Public speaking and Communication Skills
- Important skills required today. Girls had a brief exposure and were taught some basic aspects
- Baking and Card Making
- Self Defense Workshop - Basics of self defense was taught to the girls
July 2018
- Art with Heart
- English Proficiency
- We Are The World Competition
August 2018
- Celebrating Guru Purnima
- Trip to KidZania
- Parent Interaction by Aarati Savur
Sept 2018
- Annual Dental Check-up
- The "I Love India" competition
Oct 2018
- Fun with Chemistry
- Pre-Diwali Fair
Dec 2018
- Reading Session and Creative Writing
- Making Hair Sticks
- Field Trip to Yusuf Meherally Centre
Jan 2019
- Motivational Session
- Poetry Lessons
- Movie Time - Nil Battey Sannata
Feb 2019
- Silk Anniversary, girls put up a show for the Final week of Shaktii

Current Mentors

Vimala Nandakumar

In my four decades of teaching, nothing excited me as much asteaching the girls of Shaktii. I learned a lot from the girls since the inception of Shaktii.

Shaktii is three years old now. The fact that we are making a difference to the girls gives us enormous satisfaction.

We look forward to providing quality education which makes learning fun.

Kalyani Basu

Mrs.Kalyani Basu is a teacher, full-time mentor and a great supporter of Shaktii. She has helped in raising funds for Shaktii. She was looking to find a purpose in life and found that purpose when she came to Shaktii. During her first year of association with the programme, she noticed immense changes in the girls. Mrs. Basu is a science graduate and extends administrative support to the programme and also teaches the girls biology and history. She is dedicated, reliable and hard-working.

Rupali Madan

Rupali Madan is founder of ERA for WOMEN. ERA for WOMEN was established to work with and for under privileged girls, women, special kids etc. ERAís moto is (a) reviving ancient art & culture (b) recycling & increasing awareness of eco-friendly products. Rupali is a sculptor, artist and painter pa rexcellence. She has been a mentor at Shaktii since2016.
She introduced the girls to various types of art and craft such as Rakhi Making and painting ordinary umbrella as into colourful ones. Terracotta Ganeshji making and block printing are Rupali's favourite. She helps bring out the creative side of the students with her commendable talents and patience. She continues to be an integral part of Shaktii in spite of her busy schedule.

Aparna Saxena

Aparna Saxena has been a constant supporter of Shaktii.
She was the first major donor who provided Shaktii in the initial years with stationery, library books and art materials. Last year, she sponsored the scholarships for 19 girls. She has been a true contributor in spite of being based in Jakarta and has not let distance be a hurdle in her effort to enable the dreams of young girls at Shaktii.

Priti Singh Roy

Priti took up mentorship at Shaktii as her Teacher, Guide and Mentor, Mrs Vimala Nandakumar asked her to come and join her and spend some time at SHAKTII. However, once she got into the routine, she started to enjoy every minute spent in the company of the students. Priti says "These kids give such unconditional love and respect that it can get overwhelming at times. They leave no stone unturned in appreciating your efforts to teach them"

Dr. Shubhangi Hinge

Dr.Shubhangi Hinge, a medical graduate (BAMS). did her schooling from AEJC. She was fortunate to have best teachers. One of them was Mrs.Vimala Nandkumar, who taught her maths in 9th and 12th grade (1992). After knowing about the noble work she was doing she wished to be a part of it.
She has been part time mentor at Shaktii for last 3 years. She says "Science has always fascinated me. At Shaktii, we have focused on practical knowledge. The teaching of science is incomplete without practical activities"

Lakshmi Ravindran

Lakshmi Ravindran, a banker by profession, loves to support the cause of Shaktii and she does it quietly behind the screen. She has been with Shaktii since inception. Updating the Website, FB posting, fund raising and many more tasks are managed by her. Empowerment of women and education of girls is her passion.

Dharamchand Sharma

Mr.Dharamchand Sharma, who owns and drives his taxi, hails from Himachal Pradesh. He is very patient, courteous and calm. He has been regularly providing transport to Mrs. Vimala Nandakumar and all the mentors to the centre and back for the last three years. He also makes sure that all the girls are dropped home safely in case they are not received by their parents at the gate of the centre. He has been instrumental in transporting luggage, ACS, books, shelves, etc for Shaktii. He does all of this with a smile. He contributes in a vital and unique way in educating, empowering and edifying the girls of Shaktii.

Plans Ahead

Open more centres (in Mumbai as well as other metros in the country)


  • Training on public speaking by Geetha Poduval
  • Quizzing by Aparna Saxena
  • Story Telling by Aparna Muralidharan
  • Training on debating by a debating club from New York


  • tie-up with NGOs and Organizations to train X & XII std pass girls for employable skills.
  • Build a corpus for Shaktii and to also secure institutional funds for the next 3 years.
  • Pay honorarium to committed teachers.
  • Obtaining funding support from big corporates for the girls wanting to study beyond std X and XII.

BUDGET FOR 2019-2020

  • Shaktii has worked out a budget of Rupees 10 lakhs for this academic year and is looking forward to receiving donations to make a crucial impact in the lives of these underprivileged girls.


  • — Aarati Chavan

  • — Adwita Kotian

  • — Raveena Lohar

  • Samrithi
  • Pooja
  • Simran

Help us make a difference

We are entering the fifth year with gratitude for the support we get. We hope to provide better infrastructure in the coming years, with more goals to achieve we move ahead to help the girls realize their dreams. We know you are with us in this incredible journey!

Donations for the following are welcome:
1) Scholarship - Rs 4,800 per girl
2) Field Trip(s) - Rs 10,000 per trip
3) Stationery - Rs 500 per girl
4) Transportation - Rs 14,000 per month
5) Birthday Celebrations - Rs 500 per girl
6) Prizes for Competitions - Rs 500
7) Art Class - Rs 2,500 per year
8) Corpus Fund - Min Rs.10000
8) Student of the Year - Rs. 5000
8) Laptop - Rs. 28000

Donate Now

Donations to Shaktii Girl's Education Trust are exempt from Income Tax U/S 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961 vide Certificate No.CIT(E)/80G/1695 (2015-16)/(2016-17) dated 21st December 2016.

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